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All About Green House

All About Green Houses!!

Changing lifestyles and a fast-paced life has contributed to an increase...

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All About Green Houses!!


Growing plants in a controlled environment have been here since ages, say roman times...

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What’s a Green House?


So, what exactly is this? The greenhouse is simply a complex or a building structure in which plants are grown ...

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Working method of this house?


Hearing about the greenhouse, you may want to know how exactly plants grow within it? ...

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All About Green Houses!!

Growing plants in a controlled environment have been here since ages, say roman times. But technology has taken a lot of improvements in the way it’s done. We might have read in our school books about this topic, greenhouses are easy ways to grow plants, veggie bearing and flowering in all seasons, with just little extra care.  

So, have you read elaborates on them? We guess you wouldn’t have!! But the trend has changed and again gardening of all types has taken prominence in the recent years, and people are in love with this work. So is the need to know about the greenhouse that is full of colour, power and resource!  

For those who have started with gardening, we are glad you did! You may read here about a house filled with full of plants, giving some fresh oxygen while bearing in more fruits, veggies and flowers-the greenhouse! For those who don’t know, don’t worry in just a few minutes you will know these things and at the end, we are sure you can build up a garden of your own first and later transform it into the greenhouse.  

Greenhouses are an outcome of high researches carried for over long years, to grow plants at optimal temperatures, humidity and with the optimal amount of food to produce high yields.  

Well, read further to know more in depth about the greenhouse. 

What’s a Green House? 

So, what exactly is this? The greenhouse is simply a complex or a building structure in which plants are grown. They can be as vast as a field or a small room converted, or they can be as wide as your plot, depending upon their usage and their location.  

Greenhouses mostly are constructed using glasses, but these days they are using plastic too. Greenhouses that are developed for commercial purpose involve a lot of high-tech production mechanism to grow veggies, flowers and fruits. Technology has changed the way greenhouse was worked at, now they use state –of-the-art equipment and computers to maximise the output by controlling the environment of the house. 

Working method of this house? 

Hearing about the greenhouse, you may want to know how exactly plants grow within it? At controlled temperatures and heat, how do they yield crops so much? Greenhouse growth is totally dependent on light, the same like the outside plants, but with a restriction. All the other components required for the greenhouse optimum conditions are controlled. The house is designed in such a way that it draws maximum light into the house, thus enabling the photosynthesis in plants.  

That’s the reason earlier they were made out of glasses, to help the plants get maximum sunlight. These days, for many reasons glasses, are replaced by plastic, which also allows sunlight to pass through thus reducing the cost involved.  

These greenhouses protect the plants from harsh and rough weathers and from pests too. this system enables the vegetables to be grown all-round the year, without much pest interference.  

The main advantage of the greenhouse is its ability to re-capture the nutrients from within the house and the released water used for recycling, thus leaving no carbon prints on the planet, being extremely eco-friendly.  

So, what are the advantages of the produce grown using this method

Well, this is a common question and doubt that everyone has, and we shall clear them. 

  • The produce grown here is protected from adverse weather conditions, maybe even the extreme exposure to natural sunlight.  
  • The produce can be grown all-round the year, without much quality and consistency change.  
  • The produce is accurately and safely grown in Non-GMO varieties.  
  • The temperature control and humidity regulate within to produce goods of better quality, without having been through stress and other changes that vary the yielding factor and the quality.  
  • The produce is protected from seasonal pests that may infest the crops and spoil the quality and also the produced quantity.  

As far as we see, greenhouse is having umpteen numbers of benefits and no side effects. You can easily grow them, even on your terraces, without much space constraint. Once you love the actual outcome and get a strong base to proceed with, you may enter into commercialisation or just grow more varieties to completely support your family’s nutritional needs.