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All About Green House

Company Values

Greenhouses are the need of the hour and people have taken it very seriously than the researchers thought! People have understood the need for conserving resources, utilising them well, and also to be independent in many ways.  

Greenhouses are eco-friendly too and they don’t need too much space initially. This advantage of the house has made people in the west to adopt the method and stay as good as possible to mother earth and also save much on grocery and fresh produce.  

We are a leading company serving the greenhouse growers. We have seen a huge fan following from the grower's group for the type of information provided, that is easily understandable and in-depth, catering everything under the greenhouse. We offer a full complement of commercial and functional hobby greenhouse kits.  

We specialise in turning your luxury estate space into a beautiful garden, with lots of produce, or as few garden rooms or conservatories.  

We are into this field for more than 60 years and maintain the same quality standards or follow even higher due to the changing technologies, but nothing less.  

We incorporate high engineering standards in our structures, with impressive strength and unique design which are modular and adaptable in the style.  

We believe in certain core values and here they are: 

  • Inspiration: we don’t do work for mere business, but strive to create an environment to create and nurture the visitors and customers spirits and touch their hearts which in turn engages their mind into this beautiful hobby.  
  • Excellence: we take excellence in the work we do, in the horticultural display, educational programming, sustainability and public garden management.  
  • Stewardship: we follow best practices in conserving our environment and maintaining its sustainability and also conserve the natural resources to the best possible extent in all our process of work.